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On this page you will receive a list of all frequently asked questions. If you would like more information about a particular question, read further on the underlying pages. Do you have questions that are not covered yet? Let us know via our social media channels.

Do you ever open a second pool?

many pools open multiple pools because people then get more revenue by receiving the so-called 'basic fee' more often. This means you will receive fewer rewards as a delegate. Especially when the first pool is not completely full this is a bad thing. In addition, these pools for the network to become more centralized. We therefore advise against delegating in a pool with several pools that are not completely full (64 million ADA).

The moment our pool If it fills up, we will send a new one pool to open. It is the next Mora Minisnack's turn to be immortalized on the blockchain.

what is crypto staking?

Cryptocurrency staking is placing crypto in a pool to be passive staking receive revenue. through crypto staking you help to produce blocks on the network and for this you will receive a reward. This reward can be up to 5% per year. Do you want to know more about crypto? staking† Then read What is staking?

How does crypto work staken?

Cryptocurrency staking at Cardano you connect your ADA to a stakepool to delegate. One stakepool then go with you stake and the stake of other people trying to produce blocks. This process is similar to mining. The more stake there in a pool placed, the greater the chance that the pool blocks are allowed to produce.

What are the risks of crypto staking?

To pure crypto staking are not associated with any risks. The stakepool can't be with you stake or cannot lock it. You always have your ADA under your own management and you can switch every day from stakepool.

How much do I earn with crypto staking?

Regardless of which one pool, the annual return is about 5%. Your rewards are paid out in ADA. So if the price of ADA also rises, you take extra profit.

Who is it for staking suitable?

Staking is suitable for people who buy Cardano to keep and will not sell quickly. This way you can grow your amount of ADA without risk.

How do I start with crypto staking?

Would you like to get started quickly with staking† Then we advise you to take a look at the next page. Here we explain step by step how you can use your crypto staken and delegate to our pool. ‘Staking roadmap'

Can I also staken on a crypto exchange?

Yes, that's possible. There are several exchanges that staking offer. However, there are some drawbacks such as: staken at an exchange, you generally pay higher fees. You also cause the network to become more centralized. That is not good. It is also the case that when you have cypto on an exchange, the exchange can choose to take your crypto for whatever reason. We therefore recommend that you always use your own wallet. We explain this, among other things, in the article Staking roadmap.

What is the advantage of staken at a Dutch pool?

many pools in Cardano have a purpose and represent a particular group of people uniting. We are committed to the Dutch Cardano owners. We do this by investing in providing information about Cardano. We do this by writing blogs and making videos. By staken in our pool, you help make it possible to produce these videos. In addition, we donate 25% of our rewards to the food bank in the Netherlands. We believe that no one in the Netherlands should be without bitterballen.

What costs staking in you pool?

Costs of staking are calculated in the following way within the current agreements within Cardano. By default receive a pool 340 ADA per epoch in cost. These costs are calculated over the first block realized by the pool† These costs are fixed and determined by the blockchain. These costs are therefore used to meet certain costs such as server costs and hardware costs.

On top of that, the pool the possibility to charge additional costs. We choose to increase the costs we charge to our delegators (margin) the greater our pool is going to be. We are happy to explain and offer transparency about the cost structure.

We adhere to the following schedule:

-0 10M stake = 0% margin (minimum costs)
10M-20M = 1% margin (1% costs)
20M-30M = 1.5% margin
30M-40M = 2% margin
40M-50M = 2.5% margin
50M+ = 3% margin

M = million

We therefore increase the costs when the pool grows. However, these will never exceed 3%. In that case, the remaining 97% is divided among our delegators.

Calculation example: At 10M stake, we charge a fixed margin of 1%. In this epoch we are creating 10 blocks with a total of 6500 ADA. The standard fee is first deducted from this (340). Now we are left with 6160 ADA. We still charge a 1% margin on this, so 61 ADA. The total cost in this epoch is 401 ADA. We donate 25% of this to the Dutch food bank = 100 ADA. The rest of the ADA is used to pay costs and investments.

How long will it take to receive rewards?

As described in the roadmap, it will take 15-20 days after you get your stake delegates to our pool until you start to receive rewards for the first time. The amount of rewards depends on the amount of blocks we were able to achieve in the previous period. Each period at Cardano lasts 5 days. After these 15-20 days, you will receive rewards every 5 days.

Do I have to transfer my crypto? Is my crypto under my own management?

No, you never have to transfer anything to us. We will never ask this of you. If anyone ever asks to transfer something, don't do it without knowing what you're doing. As described in the roadmap, we only ask for you stake-key. This is a separate key that tells you to add your ADA to our pool have delegated.

What is your mission? pool?

Our pool is committed to a wider dissemination of Cardano information in the Netherlands. We do this by sharing information in the form of blogs and videos. In addition, we are committed to the Food Bank in the Netherlands and we donate 50% of the rewards to the Food Bank Netherlands.

Why did you choose this mission?

We believe it is important to commit ourselves to a local cause. There are enough already stakepools committed to global warming or animal cruelty. We like it when local people work globally for a local cause.

Why not donate all rewards?

We think it is important, certainly in the beginning, that we continue to invest sufficiently in the growth of the Dutch Cardano community. Investing in marketing costs a lot of money. That is why we also find it important to invest in this so that the total mountain of revenue for the Food Bank can grow in the longer term. In this way, the two destinations reinforce each other.

Why choose Bitterbalpool (Ticker: BITB)?

  • Earn 5% return on your Cardano risk-free.
  • Help beat poverty in the Netherlands, we donate 25% of our own pool rewards to the Dutch food bank.
  • Stakepool with Dutch-speaking support.
  • We invest in the further adoption of Cardano in the Netherlands by providing clear information about blockchain and crypto.
  • Professional and reliable dedicated servers spread over multiple locations in the world. Read more about our servers

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