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About Us

A bitterbal is a small round fried snack with a diameter of about 3 to 5 centimeters. This snack is filled with ragout on the inside and is often eaten with a drink in the cafe or on the terrace. Every Dutchman cannot do without a bowl of brown fruit with a good glass of beer.

When we had the idea to stakepool especially for all Dutch Cardano holders, the choice for a theme was therefore not made difficult. Because a general Cardano pool The Netherlands is only boring, and Cardano is not boring either, the choice was made easy. Stake Cardano, eat bitterballen.

bitterbalpool aims to become the number one Cardano Community in the Netherlands. Since the beginning of 2022 we have been developing our pool† In the coming years we have big plans regarding the development of our pool as well as our one and only Bit-terbal coin. Support our pool by your ADA stake to delegate to our pool and help develop the Cardano community in the Netherlands. Do you want to know more about our plans? Then view our roadmap of.

Why choose Bitterbalpool (Ticker: BITB)?

  • Earn 5% return on your Cardano risk-free.
  • Help beat poverty in the Netherlands, we donate 25% of our own pool rewards to the Dutch food bank.
  • Stakepool with Dutch-speaking support.
  • We invest in the further adoption of Cardano in the Netherlands by providing clear information about blockchain and crypto.
  • Professional and reliable dedicated servers spread over multiple locations in the world. Read more about our servers

Q1 2022

  • Setting up servers, launching stakepool
  • Registration of the stakepool on all relevant pages
  • Setting up a testnet stakepool for setting up a framework for future developments
  • Determining marketing strategy and developing branding
  • Website launch + writing first content, basic explanation about Cardano
  • Realization of all social media channels

Q2 2022

  • Search engine optimization of the content on Google
  • Expanding more information and setting up a blog page with recent news about the Cardano Ecosystem
  • Realization of first videos on Youtube with Dutch explanation about Cardano Ecosystem.

Q3 2022

  • Posting content on relevant blogs/Youtube channels and podcasts.
  • First pool collect income and invest it in setting up Google campaigns, Youtube campaigns, paid blog posts. The aim of this is to measure the success of the various channels.
  • Starting research and developing the 'Bit-Tue-coin'. The fattest cryptocurrency coin in the Netherlands.
  •  Starting research and developing the 'Bit-ter-NFT'.

Q4 2022

  • Introducing the 'Bit-ter-coin'
  • Introducing the 'Bit-ter-NFT'
  • Distribution of the 'Bit-ter-coin' to delegators of the pool.


  • More coming soon!

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